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Seram White-eye

Zosterops stalkeri

The Seram white-eye, scientifically known as Zosterops stalkeri, is a diminutive and lively passerine bird belonging to the white-eye family. This species is adorned with a distinctive eye-ring, albeit narrow and interrupted at the front, lending it a unique appearance among its kin.

Identification Tips

Upon observing the Seram white-eye, one will note the black crown and sides of the head, contrasting with the dark bronze upperparts. The rump boasts a striking yellow-bronze hue, while the sides of the breast and flanks are a subtle greyish-white. The bird's undertail-coverts are a vivid orange-yellow, and the thighs are a delicate whitish tone. The uppertail presents as a brownish-black. Both sexes share a similar plumage, but the immatures can be distinguished by a greener, more diffuse throat and a chin with more black intermixed among the feathers.


The Seram white-eye is a bird that thrives in the open woodlands of Seram, Indonesia, where it has adapted to the local environment.


This species is an endemic resident breeder, meaning it is found exclusively on the island of Seram in Indonesia and does not migrate.


The Seram white-eye is known for its active demeanor, flitting about in search of sustenance and engaging with its environment.

Song & Calls

The vocalizations of the Seram white-eye are distinct from those of its relatives, adding to the bird's unique identity within its habitat.

Diet and Feeding

While primarily insectivorous, the Seram white-eye exhibits a diverse palate, partaking in nectar and a variety of fruits as part of its diet.

Conservation status

The IUCN Red List has classified the Seram white-eye as Least Concern, indicating that, at present, there are no immediate threats to its population numbers warranting a higher level of concern.

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