Fulvous Parrotbill

Suthora fulvifrons

The fulvous parrotbill (Suthora fulvifrons) is a species of parrotbill in the family Paradoxornithidae. The species is also known as the fulvous-fronted parrotbill, the fulvous-fronted suthora, and the fulvous-fronted crowtit. The species, along with several others from the genus Suthora, is sometimes placed in the genus Paradoxornis. The species has four subspecies; the nominate subspecies from central Nepal, Bhutan and north-east India; P. f. chayulensis from north India and south China; P. f. albifacies from north Burma and nearby south China, and P. f. cyanophrys from central China. The species is small, 12 to 12.5 cm in length. The plumage of the nominate is dominated by a rich buff head, upper wing coverts, flanks, rump and tail. The belly is white and the face is dominated by a black stripe above the eye that gets larger towards the middle and then smaller again, and a faint white stripe below the face. The sexes are alike; the juvenile resembles the adult but is darker, particularly below. P. f. chayulensis has a paler belly than the nominate, P. f. albifacies has a darker stripe above the eye, and P. f. cyanophrys has a blue-grey eyestripe and brighter plumage overall.
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