A photo of a Black-breasted Parrotbill (Paradoxornis flavirostris)
Black-breasted Parrotbill

Black-breasted Parrotbill

Paradoxornis flavirostris

The black-breasted parrotbill (Paradoxornis flavirostris) is a 19 cm long, large, thick-billed parrotbill with black patches on the head-sides and throat. Formerly placed with the typical warblers in the Sylviidae, the parrotbills are now considered a distinct family, the Paradoxornithidae. The bird is more or less brown all over, with an extensive black area on upper breast and uniform rufous-buff remainder of underparts. The similar spot-breasted parrotbill, a close relative, has arrow-shaped spotting on breast and pale buff underparts. The voice is a gruff howh, jeehw or jahw, the song a rhythmic series, aw jahw jahw jahw and uhwi uhwi uhwi uhwi. Alternatively, a higher-pitched wi chi'chi'chi'chi'chi, wi yi'yi'yi'yi'yi; wi'uwi-uwi-uwi wi chu-chu-chu is given. Paradoxornis flavirostris is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and in modern times possibly the country of India, where it is known from the plains and foothills of the Brahmaputra valley in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Historically, it was also recorded in Bangladesh and possibly eastern Nepal. It used to be a fairly widespread and locally common species. There are, however, recent records from only three disjunct locations, one in Arunachal Pradesh and two in Assam (one in Manas National Park and another in Dibru-Saikhowa National Park).
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Black-breasted Parrotbills on Birda

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Hemant Kirola
07 Apr 2023 - 2:57pm
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I really enjoy being able to interact with other birders on this platform! This seems like a great way to meet other birders and find some new spots.
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Downloaded to give it a try, everything worked perfectly, recorded my first bird watching walk. Very impressed. Have already recommended to friends!
David C
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Nice friendly birding community. Very knowledgeable group with a willingness to help.
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We need more fun in birding, for years it has had a reputation for being up tight and stuffy and only perused by retirees and anoraks. Birda helps change that perception and firmly brings birding into the 21st century! Fun, interactive while still contributing to science and conservation. If you aren’t on it, why not??
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Simply adds to the enjoyment of my birdwatching and helps me record what I’ve seen.
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Very wholesome app: I joined this app with a new interest in watching birds to help me find out what I was spotting. The community is very active in helping identify birds which is great and everyone is very kind so it’s just a nice wholesome community. I would definitely recommend this for any bird spotter 😃
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Birda is honestly the best bird logging app I have seen. I love all the features it has from being able to do a session and log all the birds you see in one sitting, to being able to connect with other birders from all over the globe!
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Downloaded Birda around the time my interest in birding was sparked, and it has been a terrific app to help me (1) share my experience, (2) document my sightings, and (3) learn more about birds in general. That said, I also believe Birda is a fantastic app for birders of all experience levels. Great community!
Nick S
Work together with community
Been loving using this app to log my bird sightings and work together with community members to identify different birds. I've already learned a lot since I started about a month ago!
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Excellent! We've been waiting for an app like this! Thank you! It would be nice if you could assign additional birds to sessions later!

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