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Gray's Grasshopper Warbler

Helopsaltes fasciolatus

The Gray's grasshopper warbler, known scientifically as Helopsaltes fasciolatus, is a robust member of the Locustellidae family. It is the largest of the Locustella warblers, comparable in size to the great reed warbler. The adult boasts an unstreaked olive-brown back, a uniformly grey breast, and buff underparts. A notable feature is the dull orange undertail coverts, which are unpatterned.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify Gray's grasshopper warbler, look for its large size relative to other Locustella warblers. The lack of streaking on its olive-brown back and the uniform grey of its breast are key characteristics. The buff underparts and the distinct, unmottled dull orange undertail coverts will help distinguish it from similar species.


This species is found in lowland and coastal regions, preferring to nest in forests or dense thickets.


Gray's grasshopper warbler is a migratory bird that breeds in southern Siberia, northeastern China, and Korea. During the winter months, it travels to southeast Asia.


As a migratory bird, Gray's grasshopper warbler undertakes seasonal journeys between its breeding and wintering grounds. Its nesting habits occur in the shelter of forests or thickets, which provide a suitable environment for raising its young.

Song & Calls

The vocalizations of Gray's grasshopper warbler are quite distinctive. Its song consists of a short phrase that is both loud and musical, setting it apart from the insect-like reeling of its European relatives and offering a more melodious tune than that of Pallas's grasshopper warbler.

Conservation status

The IUCN Red List has classified Gray's grasshopper warbler as Least Concern, indicating that, currently, there are no immediate threats to its population levels that would warrant a higher degree of conservation action.

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