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A photo of a Clamorous Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus stentoreus)
Clamorous Reed Warbler

Clamorous Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus stentoreus

The Clamorous Reed Warbler, Acrocephalus stentoreus, is a robust warbler, comparable in size to a song thrush, measuring 18–20 cm in length. It boasts an unstreaked brown back and a contrasting whitish underbelly. The bird's forehead is notably flattened, and it is equipped with a strong, pointed bill. Both sexes appear identical, a common trait among warblers.

Identification Tips

To distinguish the Clamorous Reed Warbler, observe its size and the lack of streaking on its brown back. The underparts are paler, and the bird has a strong, pointed bill. It closely resembles the Great Reed Warbler, but can be identified by its less richly colored underparts.


This species thrives in expansive reed beds, which may occasionally include some shrubbery. It is adept at navigating this dense vegetation where it also constructs its nest.


The Clamorous Reed Warbler has a broad breeding range, extending from Egypt through Pakistan, Afghanistan, and northernmost India to south China and southeast Asia. Notably, the subspecies A. s. meridionalis is endemic to Sri Lanka.


The Clamorous Reed Warbler exhibits both sedentary and migratory patterns. Populations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and north India migrate to peninsular India and Sri Lanka for the winter. The species is known for laying 3-6 eggs in a basket-like nest situated among the reeds.

Song & Calls

The vocalizations of the Clamorous Reed Warbler are loud and carry over long distances, though they are somewhat less harsh than those of the Great Reed Warbler. Its song is a deliberate chattering "kereet-kereet-kereet," embellished with the characteristic whistles and mimicry of the Acrocephalidae family.


Breeding Clamorous Reed Warblers construct a basket nest within the reeds, where they lay a clutch of 3-6 eggs.

Similar Species

The Great Reed Warbler is similar in appearance but can be differentiated by its richer colored underparts.

Diet and Feeding

Primarily insectivorous, the Clamorous Reed Warbler also consumes other small prey items as part of its diet.

Conservation status

The Clamorous Reed Warbler is currently classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating that it does not face any immediate threat of extinction.

Clamorous Reed Warbler Sounds

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