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White-tailed Nightjar

Hydropsalis cayennensis

The White-tailed Nightjar, Hydropsalis cayennensis, is a nocturnal bird with a length of 20 to 22.5 cm and a slightly forked tail. Males typically weigh between 33 to 40 grams, while females are slightly lighter at 32 to 38 grams. The species exhibits sexual dimorphism, with males having distinctive white markings on their wings and tail.

Identification Tips

Males of the nominate subspecies are characterized by grayish-brown uppersides with intricate patterns of speckles and streaks. A white or buffy supercilium and "moustache" adorn their faces, and a broad tawny buff collar graces the hindneck. The wings are a mix of grayish to blackish brown with tawny and buffy markings, and a white band is visible on both spread and folded wings. The tail is slightly forked with white on the outer feathers. The underparts are a mix of white and buff with brown bars and bold white spots. Females are generally darker with less white on their plumage.


This species thrives in open landscapes such as savannas, pastures, scrubby grasslands, and hillsides with scattered bushes and thickets.


The White-tailed Nightjar can be found across a range of countries including the "ABC Islands", Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Martinique, Panama, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.


The White-tailed Nightjar is a nocturnal bird that forages by sallying from the ground or perches, as well as hunting in flight low over open grasslands. During the day, it roosts on the ground, blending in with its surroundings.

Song & Calls

The male's call is a high, thin "pt-cheeeeeeeee," a long-drawn-out, rising whistle that falls slightly at the end, sung from dusk into the night during breeding season. Additional vocalizations include a scratchy "wheer" in flight and a thin "tic-tic" when flushed from a roost.


Breeding seasons vary across the White-tailed Nightjar's range, with males performing a wing-clapping display. The clutch typically consists of two eggs laid directly on the ground, with only the female responsible for incubation.

Conservation Status

The IUCN has classified the White-tailed Nightjar as Least Concern, with a large range and population. However, the population is believed to be decreasing, with habitat destruction and introduced predators posing threats on Martinique.

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