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A photo of a Mangrove Pitta (Pitta megarhyncha)
Mangrove Pitta

Mangrove Pitta

Pitta megarhyncha

The Mangrove Pitta, Pitta megarhyncha, is a passerine bird of vibrant plumage, belonging to the family Pittidae. It is adorned with a black head, a brown crown, and a white throat. The upper parts of its body are a lush greenish hue, while the underparts are a soft buff. A distinctive reddish vent area adds a splash of color to its appearance. This bird measures between 180 to 210 mm in length, and its robust bill is a notable feature.

Identification Tips

To identify the Mangrove Pitta, look for its heavy bill, which sets it apart from similar species. The combination of its black head, buff crown, and reddish vent, along with the greenish shoulders and mantle, are key visual markers. Juveniles share the same pattern but are somewhat duller in coloration.


This species thrives in the specialized environments of subtropical or tropical mangrove forests and Nipa palm stands, where it finds both food and shelter.


The Mangrove Pitta's range spans across the eastern Indian Subcontinent and western Southeast Asia, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.


The Mangrove Pitta is somewhat easier to observe than other pittas, as it often perches high in mangrove trees. It is known to be vocal during the breeding season, using its calls to communicate, but remains quiet at other times.

Song & Calls

The call of the Mangrove Pitta is a distinctive wieuw-wieuw, which is more slurred compared to that of the blue-winged pitta. This call is typically delivered from an elevated position within the mangroves.

Diet and Feeding

This bird's diet consists mainly of crustaceans, mollusks, and terrestrial insects, which it forages from its mangrove and Nipa palm habitat.

Conservation Status

The Mangrove Pitta is currently classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN, with habitat loss being the primary threat to its survival.

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