Red-fronted Lorikeet

Hypocharmosyna rubronotata

The red-fronted lorikeet (Hypocharmosyna rubronotata), also known as the red-spotted lorikeet or red-rumped lorikeet is a species of parrot in the family Psittaculidae. It is found in northern New Guinea and the island of Biak. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. The red-fronted lorikeet is around 17 cm in length and weighs 30–35 g. They are sexually dimorphic and exhibit a large difference in appearance between sexes. The males of rubronotata possess red forecrowns with red bills and orange eyes. They have purple or blue ear coverts which are streaked with a paler blue along with red underwing coverts. They have a yellow-tipped green tail, with the base of side tail feathers being red. The females have green forecrowns with green ear coverts which are streaked with green or yellow. They also have green underwing coverts and red markings on the upper tail coverts. The males of kordoana tend to have larger but paler forecrown along with ear coverts that more bluish than purple. The females look the same as rubronotata. Juveniles look the same as adult females, but juvenile males additionally have red underwing coverts and dark and unstreaked ear covert, a yellow underwing band. They have brown beaks with pale brown eyes. They make soft, harsh sounds whole in flight. They have also been observed making sharp kss notes.
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