Naretha Bluebonnet

Northiella narethae

The Naretha bluebonnet (Northiella narethae) or Naretha parrot is a bird found in a remote and arid region of Australia. It is one of two species in the genus Northiella, and was first recorded in 1921 in Central Australia. The Naretha bluebonnet is smaller than the eastern bluebonnet, at around 28 cm in length. The legs and feet are dark grey, and the iris is dark brown. The adult male has a two tonal facial pattern with a lighter green-blue forehead, lores and the area above the eye contrasting with the rest of the face which is a purplish-blue. The light grey-brown head, foreneck and breast are marked with pale steaks and diffuse spots. The back is olive-grey. The belly, vent and thighs are a uniform yellow with the red being restricted to the undertail-coverts area. The lesser wing coverts are blue and outer median wing coverts red, while the inner median and greater wing coverts, and inner secondaries a yellow-olive colour. The central tail feathers are tinged with pale blue. The adult female has a duller blue on the forehead, and reduced colour on wings and tail, and with no tint of orange on the belly. It is smaller overall at around 26 cm in length.
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