White-barred Piculet

Picumnus cirratus

The white-barred piculet (Picumnus cirratus) is a species of bird in subfamily Picumninae of the woodpecker family Picidae. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The white-barred piculet is about 10 cm long and weighs 6.3 to 12 g. Adult males of the nominate subspecies P. c. cirratus have a black cap with a red patch on the forehead and white spots on the rest of it. Their face is mostly dark buff-brown with faint blackish bars and a white stripe behind the eye. Their upperparts are dull brownish, sometimes with faint darker bars. Their flight feathers are dark brown with buffish white edges on the secondaries and tertials. Their tail is dark brown; the innermost pair of feathers have mostly white inner webs and the outer two or three pairs have a white patch near the end. Their chin and throat feathers are white to pale buff with blackish bars. The rest of their underparts are white with black barring and a buff tinge to the belly and flanks. Their iris is dark chestnut-brown, the orbital ring blue-gray, the beak black with a pale base to the mandible, and the legs gray. Adult females are identical but with no red on the forehead. Juveniles are duller and darker than adults and have an unspotted crown, more obvious barring on their upperparts, and heavier barring on their underparts.
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White-barred Piculets on Birda



A map showing the sighting location
Vanuza Ribeiro
Friday 17 Mar 2023 - 5:43pm
A map showing the sighting location
Profile picture for Thiago Mafra
Thiago Mafra
Saturday 25 Feb 2023 - 9:40am
A photo of a White-barred Piculet photographed in  Brazil
Elcio Reis
Tuesday 16 Nov 2021 - 10:00pm
A map showing the sighting location
Eric DeFonso
Saturday 06 Sep 2014 - 12:00am
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