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Stephen Davies
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Stephen Davies has seen a Rufous-breasted Antpitta
01/03/2013 - 11:47am

Observation Details: Heard, responding to playback of song - recording of song in response obtained (file 36). We climbed into a hole in the vegetation and played song again, getting a different call in response - also recorded (file 36). Bird lured into view for brief views with playback of file 36. Small Grallaricula antpitta, orange wash across breast. Looked relatively plain-faced, pale brownish head with large dark eye isolated in face. Whitish spot near the eye. Upperwings pale brownish, held loosely at sides, flicked frequently. Long pale legs. Hopping from branch to branch. Brief views with bins in dense and dark understory, with poor light and branches in the way. In view for few seconds only. Bizarrely reminiscent of a European Robin! Checklist Comments: <br />Submitted from BirdLog World for iOS, version 1.5.2 Protocol: eBird - Stationary Count Duration (minutes): 52 Number of Observers: 1

Rufous-breasted Antpitta

Friday 01 Mar 2013 - 11:47am
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